Wasabi Cream

Wasabi Cream

If take-away Sushi is a regular feature on your weekly menu – then this recipe if for you!  I mean when eateries are offering awesome specials during the week, like 2 or 1 or lunchbox specials or Thursdays eat as much as you can for X amount, I don’t see that you won’t have Sushi every other day!

And usually these restaurants are very generous with their helpings of Wasabi. I find that the kiddies, although loving sushi, haven’t quite developed the taste for the Wasabi (and yes we know why, that kick in the nose when you have too much right?). So instead of throwing it away, collect those little green balls in a jar and come the end of the week or even 2, you’ll have enough of a supply to make this rich, tangy Wasabi cream that’s good over almost anything. 

But don’t just take my word for it – you should absolutely make it!

Next time, we’ll look at what you can do with the leftover cucumber juice so remember to keep it!


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