Its Friday today and we’re all on top of the world…. But all too soon Monday will creep along!  And tell me, honestly, who likes Mondays? Perhaps if you get to stay home, sleep late, hang around in your pajamas, eat waffles, drink coffee…which is like……NEVER….!

Since that is not an option  – something has to happen to make Mondays more bearable!  How does a no fuss lunch sound?

That is why you will LOVE this recipe!  The Monday Muffin can be whipped up just before you leave home for the day and you can simply pop it into the lunchbox  – yours or the kids….

And what is more – this recipe has been around for decades and is fool proof…. you can’t mess this one up!!

Where do leftovers come in?

Check the fridge on Sunday night and see what bits ‘n pieces there are, like leftover veggies, sweetcorn, herbs, tuna or that last slice of ham or bacon and you are almost set.

All you need:

Ingredients to make the Go to Monday Muffin


I’ve shown some of my variations – but let your LEFTOVERS do the talking!

The Monday Muffin

You may be tempted to have one for breakfast too! Go for it!Monday Muffin Mondays just got a whole lot better!


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  • Lorraine says:

    I personally like to say thank you to Cheryl from this blog for her saving Monday to go Muffin Receipe mine turned out yummy leftover Tuna and mayonnaise with homemade tomotoe and onion mix. Today I made leftover chicken with roasted vegetables and feta cheese yum again

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