Spent Mulberry Pulp

Spent Mulberry Pulp

So with Mulberries being in season, last time I made some delicious Mulberry Frozen Yoghurt.  Hope you tried it? Did you notice that I urged you to keep the pulp, once you squeezed the juice out?  Pulp

It makes for a delicious filling tucked in between a light Vanilla Sponge and heaps of Vanilla Cream. I used to make this Vanilla Sponge all the time whilst living at home.  I’m not sure where my Mom got the recipe and whom I’m to thank for it, but whoever you are, to me, this is the best Vanilla Sponge recipe out there!Vanilla Sponge filled with Spent Mulberry Pulp

Vanilla Sponge

Category: Eat, Forage

2 Generous Layers meaning 1 Huge Cake

Vanilla Sponge


440ml flour

15ml baking powder

2ml salt

4 XL eggs

180ml cold water

375ml castor sugar

125ml sunflower oil

3ml vanilla essence

250ml whipping cream

Optional : vanilla pod or paste


Mix Yolks, water and sugar for a minute

Add oil and mix for another minute

Sift dry ingredients together and then fold into wet mixture 1 TBS at a time

Add vanilla essence

Whisk egg whites and then fold into mixture 1/3 at a time

Bake @ 180C for 40 minutes on the bottom element

Leave in the pan until cool

Filling : Whisk 250ml cream with a dash of vanilla paste and layer with the spent Mulberry Pulp

Finish off with fresh Mulberries

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