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Our Philosophy

Being Clever with our Leftovers

Used items have had a bit of a dreary past with some negative stigmas attached to them. But these days, that reputation is changing. Used items are being repurposed, recycled, upcycled, you name it and are pretty much all the rage. And here at Clever Leftovers, we view it as our responsibility, no... our duty... no... our extreme pleasure to give purpose to items that may end up in landfills and destine them for greatness. 

For some time, we have shown you creative ideas with leftover food. Now, we're turning second hand drab....into first hand FAB!

We are ecstatic that you are sampling these one of a kind gifts and supporting our leftovers mission!

Now, just to give you a 'heads up'....when you receive your gift, don't be alarmed by the wrapping. We are going all the way with this philosophy and use only second hand boxes, paper, shreddings, bits and bobs that are still so useful. We promise that your gift is inside. Remember to pop the wrappings in recycle bin afterwards!

Head over to our Bespoke Gifts store and get your hands on something super special and let us know all about the awesome person who was spoilt by you, even if that person happens to be YOURSELF.

Be sure to #sharemystory #cleverleftovers on our Instagram page and even add a photo if you want. We can't wait to hear from you!


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