Oh crumbs…. I have a collection of crusts in my bread tin.  AGAIN.  Every week without fail, come Friday, we will have like tons of crusts.


Yes, we love bread.  But somehow, I just cannot get my boys to eat the crusts.  The crusts on their actual sarmies, end up on the lawn for the birds, but the ends of the loaf lie and wait for me each week.  If only Mr “Zee” below could keep up with eating them all….

Mr Zee

But let’s not sweat the small stuff. Since these crusts are by this time a little hard, they make perfect bread crumbs so just blitz them up in the food processor (short version) or grate (the long version) and they are ready to use or freeze.

Oh Crumbs!

I like to use them for my chicken ‘Popparazzis“.

Leftover Ciabatta bread makes awesome breadcrumbs, so remember to always save these crusts too.  Simply freeze and defrost when needed.


What do you do with your leftover crusts?


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