Herb Stackers

So after you’ve emptied your Nutella Jars, like for example after making Nutella Drizzle, you will soon stock pile a collection of empty Nutella Jars.  Empty Nutella Jars make awesome storage containers and soon your spice or herb cupboard will be super organized.

Not only are these jars easy to clean, their labels soaking right off (yippee), but being clear glass, the contents are easy to find in a flash when creating your next leftover creation.

If you grow your own small herb patch, these jars are super useful for drying out excess herbs and so saving you money in the long run.  Can you smell the waft of Rosemary, Origanum, Sage, Basil or Thyme drying on your kitchen window sill?

Well those are some herbs I have in my herb patch.

Then think of all the spices you could store. That makes for a colorful cupboard.

Nutella Jars come in small and bigger sizes which is ideal for varying quantities.  I also use them to store seeds like Sesame, Mustard and Sunflower and bits and bobs like coconut shavings, whole nutmeg, coarse salt and so on.

Spice Stackers

Double Stacked

Do you have any clever storage solutions? I can’t wait to see!


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