Malva Pudding using Spent Oats

Malva Pudding using Spent Oats

My spent oats, banana and dark chocolate Malva Pudding, may be a mouthful, but trust me, you will want to have mouthfuls of this comforting dessert. Think mouthfuls of sweet, saucy, creamy pudding drizzled with hot custard. YUM! And all you have to do, is mix a few awesome pantry & leftover ingredients together and you’re sorted.

Malva Pudding is certainly almost always a crowd pleaser, so you could serve these as individual portions for Friday Night Dinner Party Dessert. Or simply make a big bowl of Malva, hand out the spoons and all dig into one bowl – it’s entirely up to you!

Leftover Spent Oats

Do you remember where the spent oats came from? It’s whats leftover after making Oat Milk. So this is a brilliant way to put it to use – round 2.

Eat Malva

Malva Puddings



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