If you are like our family, there are almost inevitably a minimum of 2 bottles of Nutella in the pantry at any given time. One to eat and the other one as a stand by when the first one goes empty – which is way too quickly.

Nutella Drizzle

Using a regular knife, you can only ever scoop so much out of the bottle and there is always a bit of stubborn scrapings near the bottom which seems too dauntless to try to reach. But… if you want to save money and really get the most out of your ingredients, a little elbow grease will go a long way in this case. Because, out of just a few scrapings you can make a wonderfully easy drizzle.

Nutella Empty Jar

Here’s how:

Try your best to scrape out those last bits, use a SPOON, a SPATULA, your FINGER for goodness sake, just get it out of there!

Next: Slightly heat up the nutella and add 1 to 2 TBS of cream in a small saucepan.  This helps loosen it.  Whisk until smooth (Note to self : at this point you can also make it a ‘grown-up’ version by adding a tot of liqueur or brandy)

And now you are ready to Pour. Well done!  You’ve just created : Nutella Drizzle. So now you just need to go and find something to drizzle it over.  You could do this…

Nutella Bedrizzled Waffle

Well the options are endless really.  So just go wild.  Now who would like to confess as to how many bottles of Nutella they have in their pantry….. common!! Shock us!

Hear from you soon!


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