It’s that time of the week with Clever Leftovers….confession time! And this week we’re looking at those gorgeous, green vivacious herbs that we buy at the shop, that somehow never all make it to the pots and then they inevitably end up all shrivelled and gooey in their little plastic coffins. Sniff sniff.

Or sometimes, you need a particular type of herb (that’s not growing in your herb patch) for some fancy dish you’re trying, but you don’t quite need the whole packet.

Well, I think you may have a few more confessions involving herbs, but not to worry, they’re all safe with me.

So here’s a challenge : check your fridge around Thursday, take out all the herbs and try these ideas. Not only, will you revive your herbs – but you will be serving up some fab ‘herb inspired‘ dishes and there are even a few extra bonuses .Mint-Oil


Thyme-&-Garlic-Infused-OilThese are but a few examples, you can do the same with any other leftover herbs like coriander, sage, rosemary and so on.  Even try your own combinations.StepsAnd here are the bonuses…Leftover-Paste

Mint-Honey-Cinnamon-Ice-TeaWell I think those are all pretty darn good reasons to get your HERB on!


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