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Once upon a time,  in a little buzzing city called Jozi, there lived an energetic woman with her three boys (hubby and two sons).   One day, she discovered a heap of food magazines that were left behind in an unused corner cupboard  by the previous occupants of the little house they had moved into.

As she turned the pages, her eyes lit up and devoured the images, her taste buds started tingling, her mind started racing, her heart beat wildly and then she fell madly head over heels in love with food.

From that day on, she read food magazines as if they were novels, staying up late into the night to savour each new recipe, each new idea.

Her kitchen was turned upside down.  Family and friends were delighted or not so delighted by her culinary adventures.

But she had to work to pay for all the magazines and the ingredients and kitchen utensils until one day…. Everything changed.

She was let go at her job.  But instead of shedding tears of sadness, she shed tears of joy as she was now free to write a new chapter of her Food Love Story.

And so the Blog was born.

Please come, be a part of this story as we let our creative juices flow in turning leftovers into clever treats and ideas.

We are stepping into the unknown.  It is exciting and overwhelming all at the same time.

Our Food Love Story continues.


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  • TS says:

    What a great idea for a blog. I always have food that goes off before we get to eating it. Cant’t wait to learn some new tricks.

  • Arminda says:

    Brilliant. Love it:-). Well done. xxx

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