Why is it, that in the beginning of the week I buy tons of good looking fruit and everyone is into eating their daily portion….but come the end of the week there are always those poor dimply leftovers staring at me from the fruit basket?

It probably has something to do with good intentions that are eventually derailed by the likes of toasted cheese sarmies, chunky fries and other yummy fattening foods…

But don’t despair!  There is a solution!  Raid your fruit basket and simply transform those dimply fruits into fantastic fruit sorbets and that means everyone still gets to eat their fruit! Yippeee!  And a Big BONUS – they taste DELICIOUS!  No bribery required.

Step 1

Start off with the core ingredient, which is as easy as:

Basic Sugar Syrup

 Step 2:

Add the fruit (here are some examples):

Sorbet Recipe BoardThe best thing about these sorbets is that you can pour the mixture directly into moulds and freeze immediately or churn in an ice cream maker for a quicker set.  Each batch makes at least 12 lollies or 750ml of sorbet.Pina Colada Ice Cream

But either way they turn out yum!  This is basically what I’ve been having for lunch and dinner  –  they are just so delectable.Leftover Fruit Sorbet Lollies

Hope you try some of these before the end of summer!


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