Egg-Cited about Leftover Yolks!

Egg-Cited about Leftover Yolks!

Often you’ll make a dish where you use the egg whites but the yolks get left behind. Macarons only use puffy egg whites.  Or you may be making Delicious Meringues which use tons of egg whites. So, usually you might just add the yolks to tomorrow morning’s omelette (nothing wrong with that). And you could make my super easy Lemon or Orange and Granadilla Curd.

But image how impressed your family will be, when you ‘whip’ up (excuse the pun) these Egg-ceptionally easy recipes that will make you look like a professional!Mocha Custard

Curry Butter

Mixed Chocolate Ice Cream

Well I hope you are egg-cited about those leftover yolks now!! 🙂


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