DIY Magazine Seat, Foot Rest & Table

DIY Magazine Seat, Foot Rest & Table

I have a confession…some of my motivation behind starting this blog, came from the time I started reading food magazines. Not just 1 or 2 but stacks of them! An expensive little obsession that became! And then I discovered that there are cool places around Jozi that sell past editions for next to nothing, so you can guess where all my loose change went. Needless to say, my stockpile just grew and grew.  But before you judge me, let me remind you that we all have our little obsessions slash interests don’t we and in my defense I actually do re-read the older issues and they’re not just gathering dust…i promise! 🙂

To those who may share this love of magazines, what else can one do with old magazines? You could donate them, share them, gift them or turn them into this cool little seat  – an idea I saw whilst devouring an old edition of an Essentials magazine (in one of those handy cut out and keep sections) – and it goes so well with our clever leftovers concept!

Where can you use this? At large get togethers when there seem to be no place for the kiddies to sit – get them to make their own. They may need help carrying them, because this seat gives you a serious core workout!

Short of coffee tables? Place a few of these in strategic spots for guests to use.

Or if you simply need to put your feet up after a long…long day (glass of wine in hand) – this little foot rest will do the trick!

Magazine Obsession

Magazine Table

Foot rest


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