DIY Dried Herb Refills

DIY Dried Herb Refills

RefillsWe just can’t get enough of herbs.  They’re such cute, versatile little plants. Recently I showed how you can use leftover herbs to make awesome Herb Oils. Now this may be a very OBVIOUS idea but its still nifty and that is to dry up all your leftover herbs and make your own refills for when yours runs out. And a bonus is that they make great gifts too – with that little personal touch!Day 1 Dried Herb Refills

Day 2-4 Dried Herb Refills

Recycled Bottles

The best part of all of this is that there is no work stress involved and yet there is a guaranteed successful outcome! Now how many jobs can offer that? Click below for your free printable labels in case you would like to gift them to someone special. Enjoy!



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