When it comes to being creative around the home, all the bits and bobs lying around can become very useful.  I like to refer to these bits as LEFTOVERS too.  Let’s think of some examples

  • Leftover bits of ribbon
  • Empty cardboard boxes
  • Pieces of gift wrap

These items can be put to very good use.  There is always an occasion for which you may need to put together a gift.  More often than not, these occasions come at a time of the month when your budget has shrunk substantially on all the little unexpected things.

But you know these occasions are really special so you would love to give something even if it’s small.

Here’s how you can transform a few leftovers into a special gift.

You need:

1 Cardboard Box

This can be any box in a good condition, that can double up as a gift box so don’t throw any potential boxes away.  They are going to come in handy!

Cute Label

There are gorgeous free printables on Pinterest or on the Internet, so just download to your computer and have fun typing in a personal message.

Then paste your label onto a bit of used gift wrap and cut to size.  Label sorted!

Ingredients (see main picture)

Think of what the person likes and perhaps work according to a theme.  This will help you to select the right items.  These don’t have to be expensive.  My friends like spicy treats, so they can munch on these along with a good bottle of wine.

I’ve included the heart cookie cutter as it is their anniversary and is fittingly the symbol of “love”.  A nice finishing touch.

A Thoughtful Gift

And there you have it.  A beautiful, special gift that will show the person you put a lot of thought and effort into it.  And at the same time, you were able to use what was around you to put it all together.

Well done!

And be sure to post your end results so we can “ooh” and “aah” over them!


Comments (3)

  • Cheryl says:

    Looks so easy to do!

  • Tiffany says:

    I have been a recipient of ‘cleverleftovers’ DIY gifts.. and can honestly say they have been the most beautiful and memorable of gifts I’ve ever received! Simple fresh herbs from her garden… carefully wrapped in a ribbon and a beautiful poem of love and friendship written on colourful paper.. The note I keep in my bedside table. These are the gifts of love and life! Brilliant ideas indeed! xxxx

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