Braai Week Day 1 – Leftover Amarula Toffee Sauce

Braai Week Day 1 – Leftover Amarula Toffee Sauce

This week I’m serving up some easy dishes inspired by Braai Day, which is only a few days away.  So if you have these leftovers in your fridge, you will be sorted with sides and desserts, you only need to add the meat, or fish or whatever else does it for you on the Braai.  And don’t forget to put your feet up afterwards!Leftover Amarula

Amarua Toffee Sauce

Now simply dip those toasty braaied marshmellows in the toffee deliciousness!  You’ll be very sweet after this!


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  • Mara says:

    YOURE GOING TO MAKE ME FAT!! Bu this really looks yummy!! and when i (my mom) made it, it was AMAZING. i ate it with everything basically.

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